We believe in keeping traditional bluegrass music alive. New Standard plays a mix of traditional bluegrass and gospel music, honoring both the founding and modern artists in the genre. We also play original bluegrass and gospel tunes written by our band members and have recorded two albums with these songs and more. After more than a decade of playing in western Virginia we hope to continue bringing music to the region for many years to come.  Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to book the band for your next event or festival. 

February 17 (Sat), 6PM - Palestine Baptist Church, Moneta, VA - Sold out!

February 23 (Fri), 10PM - Blacksburg Wine Lab

April 18 - Private Event

April 20 (Sat) - Habitat for Humanity, Lynchburg, VA

May 10 (Fri), 8PM - James River Bluegrass Assoc., Madison Heights, VA

Jun 2 (Sun) - Cowboy Church, Lexington VA Horse Center

June 21 (Fri) - Sedalia Bluegrass Festival, Sedalia, VA

June 22 - Private Event

July 26 - Grottoes, VA

Take our music with you!

Our newest project, "One More Tear" is now available for online order.  Please visit this link and fill out the form to get one today!  Our original, self titled album is nearly sold out!  

Credit card orders will be taken in the near future.

Wheel Hoss Music Video

Check out the music video shot by our own Zach Brown, with with the instrumental track Wheel Hoss.

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You can contact any of the band members to purchase a CD as well.

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