Our Second Album: One More Tear

This album was recorded at Hambone Productions in Lynchburg and features 12  tracks - 3 of which are originals including the title track written by Spencer Blankenship.  

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Three original tracks from our members:

#3 - One More Tear (Spencer Blankenship)

#5 - Keep Your Faith (Zach Brown)

#6 - I Want to go Back (Spencer Blankenship)

Recording and finishing at Hambone Productions in Lynchburg, VA

Photography: TG Imagine Photography

CD and Cover Design: Peter Forister

Our 2016, self-titled release:

1) Pig in a Pen

2) Lonesome River

3) I Didn't Have to Say Goodbye (an original song by Zach Brown)

4) Mordecai

5) John Ashe's Spring (an original song by Zach Gilmer)

6) Cold Frosty Morn'

7) Old Country Church

8) Just as Long as you Love Me

9) Love for an Angel

10) Peace of Mind (an original song by Spencer Blankenship)

11) I've Been Everywhere

12) There is a God


So far, the 2016 album has been shipped across the US, and as far away as Scandinavia, Germany, and Japan! 

Keep tabs on our Facebook page, and this website for show information. To hear more of our music, enjoy the videos below and a general search for "New Standard Bluegrass" on YouTube will take you to many of our performances across western and central Virginia. A special thanks to Larry Thomas for recording and posting the videos.