2021 Live Performances

Please note that all shows are tentatively scheduled and subject to change. Check with the venue to confirm status of the show, in case our website does not reflect updates.


12th - Saturday --- Stoney Creek Bluegrass Festival - 277 Lake Drive, Greenville, VA 24440

26th - Saturday --- Opening for Mountain Heart at 3:30PM - Jackson River Sports Complex, Covington, VA


21st - Saturday --- Opening for Wilson Fairchild at 6PM - Jackson River Sports Complex Covington, VA

27th - Friday --- Private Event - Blacksburg, VA


9th - Thursday --- Private Event - Blacksburg, VA

18th - Saturday --- Private Event - Nelson County, VA

24th - Friday --- Private Event - Amherst, VA


2nd - Saturday --- Sorghum Festival, Clifford, VA

Contact us for a booking if you have an event!

Cover photo courtesy of Teresa Hash, Dublin, VA